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My Personal Motivation for Last Minute Loans

I moved in with my brother when we were both college students. I always wanted to move to that area but I didn't want to wait till I saved enough money. I packed my bags into my small two door car and made the trip. When I arrived at the apartment it was 3 am. I knew I should check-in and register before moving in but because it was so late I decided to just go in to my brother's apartment and sleep on the couch.

The next morning when I went out to my car a penalty fee letter was under my windshield wiper. It said I needed to pay $1,000 for illegal parking (which seems extreme but I accidentally parked in some sort of emergency vehicle only area). They also locked my wheels so I couldn't move my car. I went to the apartment manager and explained the situation but they said they can't do anything about it. I didn't have the money and I need to get some cash.

You can't predict emergencies

I asked my brother and some friends but no one could help me out. I finally decided to search for a last minute cash loan online. I was bombarded with hundreds of spammy websites that didn’t seem to fit my situation.

I ended up having to walk (more like run) around town to look for a quick job to start making money so I could use my car. I remember the feeling of hopelessness.

Some bill collectors do not care what the situation is they just need the money. I don't always recommend cash loans , fast loans , or payday loans but sometimes you just need money.

Tip #3: Look Into Peer to Peer Lending

This site is partially for people who were in the situation I was in. It's also for people who are in a million other situations where they need cash but have nowhere to turn. With loans up to $30,000 this can include lots of different situations.

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